Tim Mitchell

getStabRadBound (coming soon)

getStabRadBound is a package implemented in Matlab for approximating the complex stability radius (or its reciprocal, the H norm) of linear dynamical systems with input and output. getStabRadBound is intended for large-scale problems, where computing the H norm via standard dense algorithms is not tractable. To achieve this scalability, it is assumed that fast matrix-vector products can be done with the system matrix A (and to a much lesser degree, matrices B, C, and D).


If you publish work that either refers to or makes use of getStabRadBound, please cite the following paper:

When referring to this software, please also include which version was used, e.g. getStabRadBound v1.0. Note that getStabRadBound, in monospaced font, refers to the command/routine, not the name of the software package.


getStabRadBound is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.

getStabRadBound contains four minor subroutines that are licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. These subroutines, which are identified by their GPL v3 license headers, are modified code derived from the PSAPSR package, specifically my v1.3-1.4 modified branch.